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Loison artisanal panettone, Christmas 2020

Be amazed by the quality of Loison artisanal panettone.

You will find many flavors: from the classic one of the Milan tradition, to refined gourmet flavors such as mandarin panettone and salted caramel panettone.

The new collection dedicated to Christmas 2020 collects the excellence of the Loison house to offer you high quality artisanal Panettoni, enclosed in elegant and romantic packages. Let yourself be embraced by the intensity of the black cherry taste, the freshness of the lemon panettone and the sweetness of the chocolate and marron glacé flavors.

Top Line,
the excellent freshness


This is loison’s line of excellence as it features carefully selected premium ingredients bearing the controlled designation of origin label. The basic ingredients of the top line, including eggs from safe farms, milk, butter and cream produced in the mountains of italy, are all fresh. The rest of our ingredients is selected from the best that our country has to offer. Superfine flour, to top³grade italian sugar, artisanal sea salt from cervia and special
Aromatic products are all selected with great care and creativity.

Pâtisserie line,
the delicious one


For this line, we use the most delicious top ingredients and we follow a special production process that utilizes the most modern and advanced systems. Nonetheless, we still observe the long and slow times that the leavening requires, according to italy’s ancient pastry tradition. The result is a soft, spongy product that is highly digestible.

Tuttigiorni Line,
has something tasty and special everyday


Crafted to be enjoyed every day, the products of this line offer a simple way to sweeten your time at home. the high-quality ingredients are guaranteed by us at loison and the subtle graphic design on the top of the box reflects the flavor variety of the product contained inside.

Loison – Three Generations of Pastry Makers


Simple origins, genuine products: bread baked in wooden ovens, the traditional sweets of Veneto. From here starts the history of the Loison family, who started out their business near the end of the 30s and Tranquillo, the grandfather, was the first to fall in love with the art of bread making and later passed it on to his son, Alexander. Together they transformed the bakery into a real and proper family business, inaugurating a new shop in 1969. The Company, now lead by Dario, Tranquillo’s nephew, takes on an international dimension from 1992 onwards. Their pastries, made with carefully selected ingredients, are exported in various countries in Europe and all over the world for an increasingly fond and exigent public. The secret of this success lies in the matching of tradition and modernity; in the recovery of antique recipes but also in their concern for new flavours; in the selection of excellent ingredients and in the use of innovative productive techniques. Constant hand-crafted passion as well as managerial abilities: this is Dario Loison’s recipe for the third millennium.

The Natural Slow Leaving


Sourdough (natural Leaven) is obtained from the natural fermentation of rye flour, water, milk and fruit, therefore natural ingredients and yeast without the use of chemical substances. It is also called “Starter” dough because fresh daily leaven is obtained from it. It contains a high number of micro organisms, 100 billion Saccharomycetes and 2000 billion of lactobacillus per kg of dough, which multiply and stimulate an optimal leavening which is able to kill eventual pathogenic germs and therefore does not require preservatives. The resulting dough is spongy and, during oven baking, transforms into a soft product which maintains for a long time the exclusive qualities of the materials used and which undoubtedly presents a unique ease of digestibility.

Loison sell and ship in almost in almost all European countries!