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Loison artisan Panettone
Christmas 2021
Discover more The taste of Italy Made in Italy
New Pistachio Matcha
traditional Panettone
Discover more The taste of Italy Made in Italy

Loison artisan Panettone, Christmas 2021

Passion and high quality, let yourself be surprised by the Loison Panettone, an amazing handmade artisan creation.

From traditional Panettone’s recipe to refined gourmet tastes.
What characterizes Loison’s Panettoni is the excellence selection of the raw materials generated from the passion and love for genuine products combined with the perfect production process. Let yourself be surprised by the quality of the artisan Panettone of Christmas 2021: the perfect balance between tradition and selection of ingredients, to unify flavors and innovative combinations.

Pistachio Matcha traditional Panettone

Bronte Pistachio DOP cream meets the precious Matcha Green Tea powder.
A combination of taste that reveals itself tasting after tasting, that intrigues the sense of smell and envelops the palate.

Salted caramel Panettone

The unique salted caramel cream, Made in Loison, meets the delicious drops of mono origin milk chocolate. A perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Chocolate Panettone

A tasty and delicious solution, with a selection of mono origin chocolate from South American crus.

Classic Panettone

The sweet protagonist of Christmas, rigorously handmaded according to the traditional Milanese recipe.

Fruit and Flowers Panettoni

11 different taste combinations. The soft dough is enriched with a fine selection of fruits, flowers and spices.


TYellow dough, rich in butter and vanilla, decorated with a dusting of powdered sugar. In classic and filled versions.


Loison accessories: the iconic shopping bags, scented candles and much more.

Panettone in Latta

The Panettone is contained into beautiful limited edition packaging. Discover the collection dedicated to Christmas 2021.

Leggi le recensioni di chi ha già provato i nostri prodotti

quality, service
Io e la mia famiglia desideriamo ringraziarvi di cuore per tutti i gadget a corredo del vostro fantastico panettone ricevuto in mattinata.
Ormai dal 2016 è diventata una tradizione che a casa nostra non manchi mai il vostro panettone da 3Kg per le festività natalizie.
Pur essendo in quattro il vostro panettone, nel formato sopra citato, è sempre molto gradito ed il taglio dello stesso il 25 dicembre è un evento atteso sia da noi adulti ma soprattutto da mia figlia di 7 anni.
La felicità è lo spirito di unità che riesce a infondere il vostro panettone nella nostra famiglia nel momento magico del natale non ha eguali.
Papà, mamma e nonna Adriana vi augurano Buon Natale e felici festività.
packaging, quality, service
Ho ricevuto ieri il mio pacco con un primo ordine natalizio (panettoni e pandori) e vorrei ringraziarvi di cuore. Avevo 19 anni quando mi sono trasferita da Ferrara a Caldogno e ancora ricordo con nostalgia il profumo delizioso che accompagnava il mio ingresso al lavoro e il sapore avvolgente dei vostri prodotti che acquistavo tanto volentieri. Ora vivo in Belgio e ho scoperto l'opzione di acquisto online. Non avete idea di quanto mi abbiate reso felice: adesso posso non solo gustarmi le vostre prelibatezze, ma posso anche essere sicura di poter fare dei doni di eccelsa qualità.
Un sincero ringraziamento da una vostra cliente in Belgio!
packaging, quality, service
Excellent quality in elegant packaging for all occasions.
I gave this to my husband to bring to work for his colleagues and himself to have a treat. They absolutely loved it. The taste was different they said, went great with coffee but they loved its pairing even more so with a lightly sweetened tea. They asked where it was bought and I was happy to share.
Buona sera,
Ho finito ora di gustare la bontà della vostra Bonissima Nocemiele,... torta accompagnata da una tazza di the.
Buona. Ho apprezzato gli ingredienti semplici e di prima qualità.
Buon lavoro e buona salute

Loison – Three Generations of Pastry Makers


Simple origins, genuine products: bread baked in wooden ovens, the traditional sweets of Veneto. From here starts the history of the Loison family, who started out their business near the end of the 30s and Tranquillo, the grandfather, was the first to fall in love with the art of bread making and later passed it on to his son, Alexander. Together they transformed the bakery into a real and proper family business, inaugurating a new shop in 1969. The Company, now lead by Dario, Tranquillo’s nephew, takes on an international dimension from 1992 onwards. Their pastries, made with carefully selected ingredients, are exported in various countries in Europe and all over the world for an increasingly fond and exigent public. The secret of this success lies in the matching of tradition and modernity; in the recovery of antique recipes but also in their concern for new flavours; in the selection of excellent ingredients and in the use of innovative productive techniques.


Constant hand-crafted passion as well as managerial abilities: this is Dario Loison’s recipe for the third millennium.

The Natural Slow Leaving


Sourdough (natural Leaven) is obtained from the natural fermentation of rye flour, water, milk and fruit, therefore natural ingredients and yeast without the use of chemical substances. It is also called “Starter” dough because fresh daily leaven is obtained from it. It contains a high number of micro organisms, 100 billion Saccharomycetes and 2000 billion of lactobacillus per kg of dough, which multiply and stimulate an optimal leavening which is able to kill eventual pathogenic germs and therefore does not require preservatives. The resulting dough is spongy and, during oven baking, transforms into a soft product which maintains for a long time the exclusive qualities of the materials used and which undoubtedly presents a unique ease of digestibility.

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