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Easter Focaccia

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Artisan Easter Focaccia

Loison’s artisanal focaccia is a traditional Italian Easter sweet bread. This soft leavened pastry is covered with a fragrant almond glaze and decorated with delicious white sugar crystals. Our Easter Focaccia is made following the ancient artisanal methods and preserves both the simplicity and genuineness of Italian old time pastry-making tradition. Discover Loison’s 2021 Easter focaccia: artisan luxury food wrapped in elegant boxes, ready to be savored and delivered straight to your door.

Artisan work and selected fine ingredients

The secret of Loison’s Easter focaccia lies in top-grade selected ingredients and long hours of waiting. During 72 hours of patient artisan work, we pay attention to every single step of the baking process in order to preserve the sensory and flavory characteristics of our leavened products. The result is a soft and spongy focaccia bread. Loison’s Focaccia is made starting from the natural fermentation process of the sourdough. It is through this sour-smelling ingredient that we can deliver a soft and highly digestible pastry. We interchange sessions of mixing with sessions of rising after a portion of the starter dough was fed with water and flour. We add the basic ingredients, including flour, water, eggs, sugar, butter and only natural aromas step-by-step. We carry out the kneading, portioning, modeling and final garnishing by hand. Finally, we decorate our Focaccia with a layer of almond glaze and white sugar crystals. Our ingredients are selected with attention and care in order to deliver a sweet delicacy that fully preserves its traditional flavor. Loison’s artisan Focaccia is available in four different formats: 400 gr, 700 gr, 750 gr and 2 kg. Each Easter focaccia is wrapped by hand in an elegant packaging created by Sonia Design.

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