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Panettoni with cream

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Cream-filled Panettone

Our cream-filled Panettone is a delectable alternative to a traditional holiday bread. The addition of a rich, creamy filling makes this dessert even more tempting. When you bite into a sponge filled with layers of creaminess, you will be immediately seized by an enveloping, silky sensation. Prepared according to Italy’s pastry-making tradition - requiring 72 hours of patient work to include a natural rising process and high-quality ingredients - our yeasted cake is easy to digest and will preserve its unmatchable fragrances and taste for a long time. For our pastry fillings, we select the best ingredients: we certify their origin and quality through an internal process. Whenever possible, we use locally sourced products, as well as Slow Food Presidia such as Ligurian Rose Syrup and Mananara Vanilla. Choose from a variety of flavors, from the traditional to the more sophisticated ones: Panettone with vanilla cream, lemon cream, chocolate cream, coffee cream, rose cream, marron glacé (candied chestnut) cream or salted caramel sauce. Our cream-filled Panettone is available in many different sizes and containers. Our sweet products are packaged by hand and sport elegant details and images depicting our holiday theme. This year, our holiday theme is "The Magical Tradition of Christmas".

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