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Colomba, the traditional Easter cake from Italy

The artisanal Colomba is a traditional Italian Easter cake that is made from the natural rising of the sourdough. Loison Colomba cakes are crafted according to the original Italian recipe hence preserve all their original aromas and flavors. Discover the 2023 Easter collection of Colomba cakes made by Loison: artisan luxury food wrapped in elegant packaging solutions, ready to be savored and delivered straight to your door.

Artisan work: today, like yesterday

The secret of our Colomba cake lies in fine selected ingredients and 72 hours of patient work. We take our time and pay attention to every step of the baking process in order to preserve both quality and flavors of all our leavened products. As a result, we bake soft spongy delicacies that are also easy to digest. Today, like yesterday. Grandpa Tranquillo’s old recipe has been passed down from one generation to the other. Our sourdough starter is the result of the spontaneous fermentation of wheat flour, water, milk and fruit that were blended and set aside. This is where we get the slightly sour-smelling and tasting natural yeast that makes our leavened products soft and easy to digest. As in the old tradition, our artisanal Colomba cake is made with the sourdough. We knead the dough then let it rise for a number of times after a portion of the starter dough has been fed with water and flour. The secret lies in the experience of the baker. We add the basic ingredients, including flour, water, eggs, sugar, butter and only natural aromas step-by-step. We carry out the kneading, portioning, modelling and garnishing by hand. Finally, we deliver our Colomba cake in elegant packaging solutions created by Sonia Design.

Fine selected ingredients

Patient work and fine selected ingredients. Our artisanal Colomba cakes preserve genuine and ancient flavors thanks to their authentic taste and aroma. Loison’s Colomba cake has a spongy and fragrant yellow dough which is obtained from mixing butter, milk and cream together with our natural Vanilla from Madagascar. The basic ingredients of the Top Line Colomba cake, including eggs from safe farms, milk, butter and cream produced in the mountains of Italy, are all fresh. Our premium ingredients are controlled designation of origin labels and preferably Italian. Our classic Colomba is enriched with succulent candied oranges from Sicily, decorated with the sweetest almonds from both Bari and Avola and white sugar crystals. Dario Loison has been a member of the Slow Food Consortium for over 30 years and has been using Slow Food Presidia variationfor 15 years. Our classic Colomba cake comes with a lot of variations: either traditional or gourmet, stuffed or glaze. It also features different formats and packaging solutions. Try out Loison’s selection of Fruit & Flowers Colomba cakes and discover our best selection of Colomba cakes with chocolate or cream.

2023 Easter Colomba cakes: packaging and formats

Loison’s artisanal Colomba cakes are delivered in elegant packaging solutions created by Sonia Design. Discover this year’s designs and formats. All made by hand, they include elegant tin boxes, beautiful hat boxes, fine fabric pouches and printed paper boxes closed with a ribbon.

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