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The Veneziana

Panettone all'amarena

Historic venetian focaccia


The Veneziana is a symbol of the culinary tradition of Venice, aptly representing its heritage and the combination of the cultural influences of faraway lands mixed in with Italian creativity. Over the centuries, the simple softness of this sweet bread was flavored with the spices that came to Venice
from the East.


Dario Loison created his version of the Veneziana by bringing together the unique characteristics of the Venetian pastry tradition with his passion and experience gained over the years. The result is a skillfully leavened cake, enriched with fine crystalized sugar and Italian nuts.

Loison’s interpretation of venice is told through the city’s heritage and symbolism.


The wrapping features images of some of the most recognizable and well-known symbols of Venice: the Carnival masks, the Lion of St. Mark and the gondolas in the Canal Grande.


The traditional shape of the windows found on ancient Venetian palaces is reproduced on the entire packaging as a decorative feature that gives it texture, including on the ribbon.


The ribbon holder is a reproduction of the Osella, a coin that the Doge gave as a gift to the members of the Great Council, as a sign of recognition for their work.

Veneziana focaccia dolce veneta spezie
Ingredienti freschi e spezie

The spices


For seven hundred years, the merchants in the Republic of Venice had the monopoly of the spice trade. They disseminated the precious goods throughout Europe. Loison has selected over 100 different spices in an effort to create bouquets with unique fragrances that help enhance the flavors of the confections and surprise the customer’s palate. It has been a multisensory journey beyond taste and time.


Loison’s production of the Veneziana includes:

  • 72 hours of mixing and rising;
  • fresh ingredients such as alpine butter, milk and heavy cream;
  • an array of different spices, including 6 types of pepper, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg and cloves;
  • Slow Food products such as Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, pistachio nuts from Bronte and mandarin from Ciaculli.

Loison sell and ship in almost in almost all European countries!