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Artisanal Pandoro

Our craft Pandoro features carefully selected ingredients. Its yellow buttery sponge is flavored with vanilla and dusted with powdered sugar. Our production process takes up to 72 hours, which includes the natural rising of the sourdough. The end result is a highly digestible product that yields a one-of-a-kind fragrance and genuine taste. The eggs we use are laid by free-range hens raised in Italy and the butter is produced in our mountains. All the ingredients in our Top Line are fresh. Our Pandoro is available either plain or filled. The varieties of filling include: sabayon cream, chocolate cream and salted caramel sauce. In addition to the classic 1-kilo size, we offer a mini Pandoro version (80gr/2.8oz). Our Pandoro is packaged by hand and comes in a cardboard box styled with the holiday theme that Sonia Design created for us this year. Our Segreti Collection’s packaging features images of toys that children enjoyed playing with during the last century. Completing the look of our Pandoro box, inspired by the early-1900s, is a ribbon embellished with our logo, a cute accessory attached to the bow and the ingredient tag.

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