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Chocolate Colombe

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Chocolate Colomba cakes

Our chocolate Colomba cakes are a popular alternative to the traditional Italian Colomba. 72 hours of patient work make our pastry incredibly soft. Its spongy yellow is the result of a delicious mix of butter, milk, cream and chocolate. Loison’s Colomba Regal Chocolate can conquer the most avid palate with an explosion of sweetness. This delectable creation is made of soft fragrant dough, filled with mouth-watering chocolate cream, enriched with dark chocolate chips and topped with dark chocolate glaze and curls. All ingredients are carefully selected starting from our high-quality single-origin chocolate from South America. Loison’s Salted Caramel Colomba comes from Dario Loison’s original recipe. The distinctive taste of salted caramel cream meets the delicious selected single-origin cru chocolate to deliver a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. A layer of white chocolate and caramel glaze decorates this mouth-watering creation, garnished with whole and chopped hazelnuts PGI. Our Tuttigiorni Chocolate Drops Colomba is enriched with precious dark chocolate drops, glazed with chocolate glaze and decorated white sugar crystals. Loison’s chocolate Colomba cakes are delicious creations coming from 72 hours of patient artisan work. Thanks to a natural rising process, we obtain soft and highly digestible pastry that conquers the senses. Our Easter chocolate Colomba cakes are available in two formats (1kg and 600gr) and three different packaging solutions (paper, fabric or hat box). Discover Loison’s Colomba cakes. You will be the spoilt for choice.

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