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Panettoni frutta e fiori

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Fruit and Flowers Panettone

Our Fruit and Flowers Panettone features 11 varieties. Such a large selection of intriguing fruity and flowery flavors is sure to please everyone’s palate! Just like for the other sweet breads in our Top Line, we use premium fresh ingredients: eggs laid by free-range hens, fresh butter and heavy cream, and high-quality milk. Our production process takes up to 72 hours, which includes the natural and slow rising of our own sourdough. The end result is a highly digestible product that maintains its flavors and fragrances unaltered over time, with no need for preservatives.

Selected ingredients & elegant packaging

Our Panettone sponge is yellow and is enriched with Mananara vanilla from Madagascar. Choose from these 11 different flavors featuring fruits and flowers: lemon; marron glacé (candied chestnut); tart cherry; Calabrian fig; late-season mandarin from Ciaculli, pear-cinnamon-cloves-star anise; apricot & ginger; licorice & saffron; Roman chamomile; rose; blend of 5 citrus fruits. The sweet breads of our Fruit and Flowers Panettoni come in a cardboard box wrapped in elegant paper embellished with either the flower or the fruit that identifies the flavor of the Panettone. This year, we added a little extra touch to the packaging: a charm shaped like an L, for Loison. A cute accessory to carry with you, wherever you go.

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