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Artisanal Panettone

There is no doubt: Italy’s artisanal Panettone is the star of the Christmas table. With its typical spongy, dome-like shape, our Panettone features the best ingredients, classic and gourmet alike. At Loison, we prepare sweet breads according to our country’s pastry-making tradition, starting with our own sourdough to yield a carefully crafted, high-quality product from premium ingredients.

A craft production: natural and slow rising

The dough of our craft Panettone is baked into a soft spongy product that is highly digestible, thanks in part to the 72 hours of patient work that grandpa Tranquillo taught us. This artisanal method ensures that we will preserve the flavors and respect the sensory characteristics of our leavened products, with no use of added preservatives. The art of pastry-making consists precisely in this: creating confections, while preserving the quality and fragrances of the basic ingredients that only mother nature can create and that only craftsmanship can maintain unaltered. Our starter dough is the result of a spontaneous fermentation technique featuring wheat flour, water, milk and fruit. It is from this slightly sour-smelling and tasting natural yeast that we begin making our Panettone the artisan way. The dough mixing is followed by rising a number of times, after a portion of the starter dough has been fed with water and flour only. The secret lies in the experience of the baker. While the dough is mixed, then allowed to rest and rise, we progressively add our basic natural ingredients: flour, water, eggs, sugar and butter, followed by the aromatic ones. All done by hand are the mixing, portioning, shaping, scoring across the top surface or topping with either almond or chocolate glaze, as well as the wrapping part featuring the elegant and refined packaging solutions created by Sonia Design.

Our superior selection of ingredients

Our artisanal Panettone features a fragrant, soft and yellow sponge enriched with raisins and candied peel of oranges from Sicily and citrons from Diamante, Calabria. For over 30 years, Dario Loison has been collaborating with the Slow Food Association and has been using its presidia for the last 15. We take great pride and care in selecting the ingredients that will produce the best Panettone. We employ a rigorous control system to monitor our internal processes, especially when it comes to raw materials, which we source locally whenever possible. All the basic ingredients for the Panettone in our Top Line are fresh: eggs from free-range hens raised in Italy, heavy cream, butter and milk produced in our mountains. Next to our classic Panettone with roots in the Milanese tradition, we offer gourmet varieties featuring original and unique flavors - whether in the filling or in the icing – and available in different sizes. Our sweet breads are not exclusively tied to the winter holiday season, but can accompany you throughout the year, as you try new pairings and experiment with creative recipes. The array of premium aromatic ingredients we use in our craft Panettone includes: late-season Mandarin from Ciaculli*; Chinotto from Savona*; Calabrian Fig*, Rose Syrup*; Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar*; Almonds from Bari and Avola* - all these are Slow Food Presidia. For our Coffee and Chocolate Panettone, we use choice, single-origin varieties.

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