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Colombe without candied fruits

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Colomba cakes without candied fruit

Loison’s Colomba cakes without candied fruit have a soft naturally leavened dough. They are the perfect choice for those who do not want to miss the traditional taste of the artisanal Italian Colomba cake. Our Colomba without candied fruit and raisins is made following the traditional Italian recipe. The result is a soft and spongy dough that is first covered with almond glaze, then decorated with white sugar crystals. 72 hours of patient work and a fine selection of premium ingredients make our baked products light, easy to digest, authentically flavored and distinctively fragrant. Loison’s Colomba DiVigna stands out for the intense flavor of its sought-after ingredients as well. Italian dessert wines like Reciotto, Riesling and Verduzzo enrich this delicacy without candied fruit. Our Colomba cakes without candied fruit are available in three formats: 1 kg, 500 gr and 750 gr. For the most avid mouths we also offer a vast selection of artisan chocolate Colomba cakes and our new Colomba Salted Caramel with chocolate. Both are without candied fruit and without raisins.

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