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Top Line

TOP LINE, THE EXCELLENCE OF FRESH INGREDIENTS The Top Line is Loison’s line of excellence as it features carefully selected premium ingredients. The basic ingredients of the Top Line, including eggs from safe farms, milk, butter and cream produced in the mountains of Italy, are all fresh. The rest of our ingredients are selected from the best that our country has to offer. Superfine flour, top-grade Italian sugar, artisanal sea salt from Cervia and special aromatic products are all selected with great care and creativity. Our ingredients preserve their natural properties thanks to a patient artisanal work that takes 72 hours of waiting and dismiss preservatives. We stay true to the Italian pastry-making tradition in order to deliver artisan delicacies with nourishing ingredients and ancient genuine flavors. We continue to explore new combinations of taste and flavors in order to deliver a tad of novelty and innovation in every season. Our 2021 Easter selection includes: the traditional Classic Colomba; the mouth-watering Colomba Regal Chocolate with selected single-origin chocolate from South America; the new Colomba Salted Caramel with white chocolate and hazelnut topping; the fine Colomba DiVigna with a blend of Italian raisin wines, and last but not least, remarkable combinations of taste and aroma with our signature Fruit and Flowers collection.

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