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Classic Colombe

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Traditional artisanal Colomba cakes

The Colomba is a traditional Italian Easter cake with an irregular shape that recalls the figure of dove. Following the traditional Milanese recipe, we enrich our Colomba cakes with fine selected butter, milk, cream and candied oranges from Sicily. The top of our Colomba is covered with a fragrant glaze made with Italian almonds and white sugar crystals. Discover Loison’s Colomba cakes - epitome of quality and artisan pastry tradition. The crafting process of our Colomba cakes requires 72 hours of patient work and begins with the natural fermentation of our sourdough starter. The secret lies in the experience of the baker as well as in the ability to maintain and exalt the quality of our ingredients.

Classic Colomba cakes: ingredients and formats

Our Colomba cake has an incredibly soft dough. This is because we use only top-grade basic ingredients like sourdough starter, superfine flour, eggs, milk and cream. Loison’s Top Line classic Colomba features only fresh basic ingredients that are selected with care and through diligent research. We opt for controlled designation of origin labels that accent the true taste of Italian pastry-making tradition. Loison’s classic Colomba cake is enriched with succulent candied oranges from Sicily, that maintain their typical aroma, and fragrant Mananara vanilla from Madagascar (Slow Food Presidium). This Colomba is glazed with the almond-flavored sugar and decorated with Italian almonds white sugar crystals. Our classic Colomba cake is available in seven different formats: 500 gr, 750 gr, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg and 100 gr. Loison’s Easter collection features different packaging solutions. Starting from the minimalist style for the “Tuttigiorni'' Line to the elegant transparent wrappings for the Magnum Colomba. Our Colomba cakes are also available in elegant hat boxes, in limited-edition tin boxes, elegant fabric pouches and sweet plushies.

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