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Sbrisola with “Marano cornflour, walnuts and honey 200g


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  • The Sbrisola Noce Miele is a reinvention of the Mantuan sbrisolona (crumble cake) – a traditional farmer’s sweet that has been enriched and recreated here by the craftsmanship of Dario Loison. The crumbly and irresistible consistency of this cake derives from the Marano cornflour mixed with butter. The dough is rolled out by hand by our artisans and then embellished with Italian “Lara” walnuts and Sicilian wildflower honey. A selection of the highest quality ingredients that make this sweet Made in Italy par excellence.

    Weight: 200g

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The strong flavour of the “Lara” walnuts blends perfectly with the sweet notes of the Sicilian wildflower honey, making the Sbrisola Noce Miele a product with a balanced and exclusive taste.

Sbrisola with “Marano cornflour, walnuts and honey 200g
Sbrisola with “Marano cornflour, walnuts and honey 200g

The eye-catching aspect of the romantic packaging is the heart-shaped opening. A window on the Loison taste that allows you to see the contents of a handmade Sbrisola, each one different from the other. A “gap” that reflects the transparency of Loison’s production. The package is easily opened and embellished with an explanatory band that protects the integrity of the box.

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