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Colombe frutta e fiori

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Fruit & Flowers Colomba cakes

Sought-after combinations of taste and flavor, of fruit and flowers. Our Easter collection features four different combinations of flavor and aroma: Peach & Hazelnuts Piedmont PGI, Late Mandarin from Ciaculli and raisins, Cherry and Cinnamon and Camomile and Lemon. Loison’s Colomba cakes are made by hand following the traditional pastry-making method. We take our time starting from the leavening of the sourdough starter. After 72 hours of patient work, we deliver a soft delicacy that is also easy to digest. Our Colomba cakes maintain their original aroma and flavor without additives. We use only premium fresh ingredients: eggs from safe farms, fresh butter, high-quality milk and pure Mananara vanilla from Madagascar. Each Fruit and Flowers Colomba cake is first put inside a paper box. Then, it is wrapped in an elegant paper by hand. Each wrapping is designed with botanic illustrations that show the flavor of our Colomba. This year's collection also features a beautiful L-shaped charm to make our packaging even more exclusive and classy.

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