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Panettone Chocolate Pear 500g


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  • Description
  • Panettone Pear Chocolate has a particularly soft, yellow, well-waved dough, enriched with candied pears, dark chocolate drops and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, a Slow Food Presidium.  

    Carefully and creatively selected and combined ingredients and the 72-hour processing time of the dough with sourdough starter make the Pear and Chocolate Panettone a diamond of Italian confectionery: highly digestible, soft, with a naturally delicious flavour and aroma. The basic components are all fresh: free range eggs, milk, cream and mountain butter.

    Weight: 500g

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The Pear and Chocolate Panettone has a soft, mouth-watering dough. The strong chocolate flavour is perfectly combined with juicy candied pears and is enhanced by the aroma of natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, whose sweetness gives this panettone an irresistible taste for adults and children alike.

Panettone Chocolate Pear 500g

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