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Panettone Rose with Rose Syrup 600g

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  • The artisanal Panettone Rose with Rose Syrup has a yellow, soft and well-alveolated dough, richly filled with cream that is flavoured with rose petals and embellished with sultanas, rose syrup and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar. The Panettone Rosa with Rose Syrup is the result of 72 hours of patient craftsmanship. It is obtained by natural leavening starting from a sourdough and the basic ingredients are all fresh: free-range eggs in Italy, milk, cream and mountain butter.

    Weight: 600g

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Our Panettone Rose is made with a blend of different roses, including the Damask Rose. To make this Panettone, the Damask Rose is combined with a carefully calibrated syrup infused with Ligurian Roses (a Slow Food Presidium). The recipe for the rose syrup is based on an old and celebrated tradition that dates back to the 1600s. According to the Presidium, the syrup is made using the petals of roses grown with sustainable cultivation methods, far from any source of pollution.

Panettone Rose with Rose Syrup 600g

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