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Panettone Licorice & Saffron 500g


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  • Artisan Panettone with raisins, liquorice and saffron. The yellow dough is eniriched with Sultana raisin, licorice and saffron, and Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar (Slow Food Presidium), decorate with licorice icing and sugar grain. Weight: 500 g
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Our Panettone Liquirizia e Zafferano features two extraordinary ingredients – namely licorice and saffron – that were skillfully calibrated into a one-of-a-kind dessert. PDO licorice from Sybaris, Calabria – extracted from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant that is locally known as “Cordara” – is paired with premium saffron derived from the flower threads of a variety of crocus flower.

Panettone Licorice & Saffron 500g

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