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Panettone Coffee 1kg

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  • The Panettone with coffee cream is a naturally leavened sweet, distinguished by its top with the typical cross-cut. The yellow and soft dough is enriched with a delicate coffee cream with an unmistakable aroma. The chosen ingredients are based on attention and research, such as the fine Arabica coffees with a full-bodied and persistent flavour and a chocolate aftertaste. The coffee panettone is produced in compliance with the Italian confectionery tradition, with sourdough and a 72-hour artisanal process.

    Weight: 1000g

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The stars of our Panettone Caffè Royal are the persistent and full-bodied aromas of fine coffee beans, including the Mysore variety from India and the Santos from Brazil. The suave creamy filling of this Panettone makes it one of the most appreciated products we offer in the line of naturally leavened cakes.

Panettone Coffee 1kg

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