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Panettone Pistacchio Matcha 1000g

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  • The artisanal Panettone Pistachio Matcha is a new and elegant representation of the traditional Christmas cake, which unravels itself bite after bite, capturing the sight, intriguing the sense of smell and enveloping the palate.

    The yellow, soft and well-alveolated sponge is richly filled with a green pistachio cream of Bronte Dop (Slow Food presidium), which is easily recognisable from its intense taste and emerald green colour, and embellished with juicy sultanas and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar. The delicious white chocolate coating, rich in cocoa butter and a hint of vanilla, is sprinkled with a very fine, almost imperceptible, bright green Matcha Green tea powder, chopped pistachios and whole green pistachios of Bronte Dop. The Panettone Pistachio Matcha is the result of 72 hours of patient craftsmanship and is naturally leavened, starting from sourdough. The basic ingredients are all fresh: free-range Italian eggs, milk, cream and mountain butter.

    The artisanal Panettone Pistachio Matcha reveals its perfect balance between the intense aromatic flavour of pistachio and the light herbaceous and umami notes of Matcha tea. A combination appreciated by the gourmet public, chefs and lovers of flavour, who are increasingly attentive, informed and in search of quality.

    Weight: 1000g

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The artisan Panettone with Bronte Pistachio DOP cream and Matcha green tea is the new combination for Christmas 2021, the result of the meeting of the traditional Italian dessert with the millenary Japanese tea ritual. The Panettone Pistachio Matcha immediately captivates the eye with its bright colors and intrigues the sense of smell. It does not reveal itself at the first bite, hence taste after taste, through its heart of creamy pistachio di Bronte DOP, the soft and juicy raisins and the delicious white chocolate coating, enriched with precious Matcha Green tea powder and decorated with green pistachios Bronte DOP in grains and whole.

Panettone Pistacchio Matcha 1000g

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