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Pandoro Chocolate Cream 1kg


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  • The Artisanal Pandoro with Chocolate Cream has a soft, golden yellow dough, enriched with a delicious filling of dark chocolate cream and embellished with natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar* (*Slow Food presidium). The leavening cycle is natural, starting from a sourdough mixture, which entails 72 hours of patient craftsmanship. The result is a soft and highly digestible sweet, with genuine and unique aroma and flavour. The basic ingredients are all fresh: free-range Italian eggs, milk, cream and mountain butter. The sweetness of Pandoro al cioccolato and the intensity of the single-origin cru chocolate, selected from regions focused on quality, satisfy the most refined and insatiable palates. The Chocolate Pandoro can be decorated at the time of serving, with a light sprinkling of icing sugar, included in the package.

    Weight: 1000g

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The Loison Chocolate Pandoro is one of the most delicious flavours. Rich in the core, thanks to the abundant filling of chocolate cream prepared with selected cru of single-origin cocoa from South America, this pandoro is a surprise for its incredible sweetness. A soft encounter between the aroma of fresh mountain butter, natural vanilla and delicious chocolate, which will delight the young and old.

Pandoro Chocolate Cream 1kg

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