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Veneziana Cherry & Cinnamon in Tin Box 600g


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  • The Veneziana Amarena & Cannella is the typical sweet focaccia of Venetian tradition – a historical symbol of cultural influences from distant lands and Italian creativity. Dario Loison created his Veneziana, blending the uniqueness of the Venetian tradition with the research and selection of unique and precious ingredients. The Veneziana has a soft and well-alveolated dough, thanks to our sourdough and 72 hours of patient craftsmanship. The dough is enriched with pieces of candied black cherries, cinnamon and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, a Slow Food presidium, and is embellished with a blend of 4 fine spices, which give the Veneziana an unmistakable aroma and taste. It’s then covered in an almond glaze and richly garnished with Italian "Tuono" almonds and crumbly granulated sugar.

    Weight: 600g

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The dough of the Veneziana, which is made soft and delicate by the fresh milk, cream and butter, is enriched by the strong flavour of the blend of spices selected by our artisans, and cinnamon. The spicy hints of the dough are then balanced and embellished by the sweet taste of the soft candied black cherries, making the Veneziana Amarena & Cannella a unique and refined product.

Veneziana Cherry & Cinnamon in Tin Box 600g
Veneziana Cherry & Cinnamon in Tin Box 600g

The Veneziana is placed inside an elegant tin box, which depicts scenes of daily life among the monuments of ancient Venice. The refinement of this packaging, created by Sonia Design, makes it a suitable product to be reused as an enchanting and refined object holder for your home.

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