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Biscuit Limone – 200g – Gift Boxes


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  • Limone artisanal biscuits are prepared with excellent ingredients: fresh butter, Sicilian lemon essence, and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, a Slow Food praesidium. The shape of the biscuit evokes lemon, the fruit of which releases all the flavours and aromas.

    Weight: 200g

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Lemon biscuits contain all the essence of juicy Sfumato Amalfi and Femminiello IGP Syracuse lemons, wrapped in excellent Cervia butter and salt. A biscuit that evokes the light of the Mediterranean Sea, fresh and fragrant, perfect for an aperitif paired with a Trento Doc or a Champagne, but also with a cocktail or a spritz.

Biscuit Limone – 200g – Gift Boxes
Biscuit Limone – 200g – Gift Boxes

The cookies are packaged in a sturdy cardboard case, with elegant graphics and soft colours, with a transparent portion from which you can see the contents.

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