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Panettone by the slice Classic 70g


  • Description
  • The classic sliced panettone is intended to add a touch of refined sweetness to daily breakfast but also manages to be a surprise in a savoury version for brunch and in other creative combinations. Sliced panettone is a loaf-shaped cake, naturally leavened sourdough, cut into slices and packaged in practical single portions. The yellow soft and well-alveolated sponge is enriched with Sicilian orange peel, Diamante citron from Calabria and sultanas.

    Weight: 70g

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Panettone by the slice Classic 70g

The Panettone by the Slice is placed inside a practical single-portion package, elegant in its simplicity. The wrapper features illustrations of the fruit contained in the cake mixture, while the transparent cellophane window allows the product to be seen. 

For every eighteen pieces purchased, the dispenser will be given away.

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