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Golosità Box


  • Description
  • Golosità is Loison's is a set of unique and refined products specially selected to add a touch of sweetness to a special gift.

    Inside the box you will find: our Sbrisola cakes Chocolate Hazelnuts and Cornflous Almonds, the Veneziana cake with Pistachio in traditional wrapping and the Classic Veneziana in tin; four selected flavours of Loaf: Fruit, Lemon, Chocolate and Mandarin; our inimitable Panettone Slices in Classic, Amarena and Mandarin flavours (two of each type). The delicious butter biscuits in different flavours and packages: coffee in a tin, mixed fruit flavour in a 120g tin and mixed classic flavour in a 280g tin.

    To add a touch of elegance inside the box, you will also find the keyring with the Loison "L", the green dishcloth and the "Insolito Panettone" apron.

    All enclosed in the elegant reusable shopper with floral pattern.

    Weight: 9200g

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