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Loaf with Dark Chocolate drops 500 gr


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  • The Filone Cioccolato is a loaf-shaped cake, which leavens naturally thanks to our sourdough. Dario Loison wanted to revive this ancient recipe of his father, Alessandro, enriching it with a selection of top quality ingredients. The soft and well-alveolated dough is embellished with delicious dark chocolate drops, coated in a crumbly glaze, made with cocoa and PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, which gives the loaf unforgettable texture and flavour. 

    Weight: 500g

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The strong cocoa flavour brings out the sweet and delightful notes of the Piedmont hazelnuts, in this artisan fruit bread with a refined and balanced flavour. The Filone Cioccolato is a simple product, suitable for all moments of the day, but thanks to its dense chocolate drops and its light and pleasant dough, it can also be the perfect morning cuddle that accompanies a hot cup of latte.

Loaf with Dark Chocolate drops 500 gr
Loaf with Dark Chocolate drops 500 gr

The packaging of the Loaf represents a real preview of the product, involving the consumer in a visual path prior to being tasted. The package is designed as a box, which wantingly guards the Loaf, anticipating its experience through a refined choice of colours and decorations. The box is elegantly opened just like a book, allowing you to be immersed into the aromas and flavours of this delicious sweet.

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