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Panettone Mandarin Late from Ciaculli 750g – Tin Box


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  • The Panettone with Late Mandarin from Ciaculli has an unmistakable natural fruity and delicious aroma and is obtained through a patient 72-hour craftsmanship. The yellow and well-alveolated dough is particularly soft due to the fresh butter, milk and cream and is enriched with very fragrant candied peel of late Ciaculli mandarin and natural Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar, two delicious Slow Food presidia, and juicy sultanas.

    Weight: 750g

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The one-of-a-kind flavor of our Panettone Mandarino comes from the intense fragrance that late-season mandarins from Ciaculli release. We have used this Slow Food Presidium in our recipes since 2005. We purchase this variety of mandarin orange directly from the Slow Food Consortium, and the candying process that the peel of the fruit undergoes follows specific guidelines from us. The unmatchable scent of Mananara vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium) added to our Panettone brings to mind the sweet and magical atmosphere of winter holidays.

Panettone Mandarin Late from Ciaculli 750g – Tin Box

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