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Panettone Agrumato – 1kg – Frutta e Fiori


Artisanal Panettone with 5 citrus fruits: citron, orange, lemons, chinotto from Savona and late mandarin from Ciaculli. The yellow dough is eniriched with candied citrus fruits: candied “oranges from Sicily”, Citron from Calabria, Ciaculli late manadrin*, Chinotto from Savona* and lemon peel; with Vanilla Mananara from Madagascar.

Weight: 1 kg

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The distinctive element in our Panettone Agrumato is the candied peel sourced from five different types of citrus fruits originating from four Italian regions: Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Liguria. Each fruit brings its own special characteristics to the table: the chinotto is favored by those who prefer a touch of tartness; the citron has thick skin, rich in aromatic essential oils; the mandarin delivers the sweetest taste; the lemon gives out the most intense fragrance; while the orange offers slightly tangy, yet fruity, notes.

Panettone Agrumato – 1kg – Frutta e Fiori

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