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Pandoro with salted caramel cream 1 kg

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  • The artisanal Pandoro with Salted Caramel cream is an original and exclusive sweet that is a surprise for the perfect balance between sweet and salty. The encounter between the soft dough, rich in butter and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar* (*Slow Food Presidium), and the abundant filling of salted caramel cream, is pure pleasure for the most insatiable and refined palates. The leavening cycle is natural, starting from a sourdough mixture, which entails 72 hours of patient craftsmanship. The result is a soft and highly digestible sweet, with genuine and unique aroma and flavour. The basic ingredients are all fresh: free-range Italian eggs, milk, cream and mountain butter. The Salted Caramel Pandoro can be decorated at the time of serving, with a light sprinkling of icing sugar, included in the package.


    Weight: 1000g

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The Loison Salted Caramel Pandoro is distinguished for its 100% Made in Loison salted caramel cream, made without added semi-finished products. The recipe, created by Dario Loison, has wisely calibrated the dose between sweet and savoury, in which one does not dominate the other, but together burst into a lively and exuberant taste.

Pandoro with salted caramel cream 1 kg

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