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Cuore di Mamma Box


  • Description
  • The "Cuore di Mamma" box is a kit designed for a special Mother's Day gift. Inside the gift box you will find: Sbrisola with “Marano” cornflour and almonds: a crumbly butter-based cake enriched with sweet Italian 'Tuono' almonds and 'Marano' maize flour; Biscuits Maraneo in a box: buttery shortbread biscuits from the Veneto countryside. Their texture is grainy thanks to the rustic yellow Marano maize flour.

    The Veneziana Mandarin Late from Ciaculli (hand-wrapped). A soft pastry, obtained by natural fermentation from sour dough. The pastry is particularly soft thanks to the use of fresh milk, butter and cream, has good alveolation and is enriched with pieces of Mandarino tardivo di Ciaculli* and Mananara natural vanilla from Madagascar*. The surface is covered with almond icing, decorated with sugar granules and Italian almonds.

    Assorted Cuneesi, in a gift box: a praline inspired by the typical dessert of Cuneo; the crunchy chocolate shell hides a soft filling, in Rhum, Whisky and Grand Marnier varieties.

    All enclosed in an elegant reusable floral shopper.

    Weight: 2400g

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