Fine butter cookies

Fine butter cookies, a year long presence


Dario Loison’s butter cookies are sinfully delicious, but their amazing quality redeems them. They’re as virtuous as the feelings they inspire, thanks to their multisensory characteristics. There are 12 different flavors, one for every month of the year. It’s like saying that there’s a Loison cookie for every occasion. We select our ingredients with great care through diligent research, to ensure that our products are truly exclusive.

Monoportion cookies


They are 12 like the hours of a day. 12 like months in a year and the signs of the zodiac! There is a Loison cookie for all occasions with a wide range of cookies born from great tradition to innovative combinations.

The Gift Boxes


The 200-gram boxes are the best of our consumerready gift box line: they are made of sturdy cardboard and feature elegant motifs, with a different design for each of the three lines of products, namely «Classici»«Frutta» and «Meditazione».

The Tin Boxes


Our tin box completes the range of consumer-ready gift boxes: four 120-gram tins and 4 280-gram boxes give a wide variety of flavors to choose from.  The added value of this line is all in the container, which we believe will most likely become part of the customer’s home décor.

Loison sell and ship in almost in almost all European countries!