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Colomba Regal Chocolate – 750g

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  • The chocolate Easter Colomba is a soft and well dimpled cake enriched with a delicious filling of chocolate cream, dark chocolate chips and natural vanilla Mananara from Madagascar* (*Slow Food Presidium). The surface is covered with chocolate icing and chocolate curls. The natural leavening from sourdough and the 72 hours of patient processing give to the sweet softness, digestibility and unique flavour. The dough is yellow and well-alveolated and made with fresh basic ingredients : eggs from free-range farming in Italy, butter, milk and mountain cream. The sweetness of the chocolate Colomba and the intensity of the single-origin cru chocolate , selected from regions focused on quality, satisfy the most refined and insatiable palates.

    Weight: 750g

  • Top Line, Excellent Freshness.

    It is distinguished by the choice of fresh and valuable ingredients, selected with care and creativity, some of which belong to Slow Food presidia. 72 hours of patient leavening give life to high-quality products, characterised by the original combinations of exclusive and refined flavours.

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Loison’s Chocolate Colomba astounds with its enveloping sweetness. This artisanal Colomba can conquers the most avid palate thanks to its soft dough filled with mouthwatering chocolate cream and enriched with dark chocolate chips. This delectable creation made in Loison is glazed with dark chocolate glaze and curls .

Colomba Regal Chocolate – 750g
Colomba Regal Chocolate – 750g

The Colomba is hand-packed inside a printed cardboard box representing the theme of this year’s Easter collection. Applied to the satin ribbon that wraps around the box is a charm depicting the “L” of Loison.

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