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Colomba DiVigna with a blend of Raisin Wines – 750g

Cake made by means of natural fermentation of sourdough,
with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove. The
dough is especially soft owing to the use of fresh milk, fresh
butter and fresh cream. It is light in texture, enriched with
Sultana raisin, a blend of raisin wine and Vanilla Mananara
from Madagascar*, covered with italian almonds icing and
grains of sugar.
Weight: 750 g
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Loison’s Colomba DiVigna with a blend of Raisin Wines stands out for the intense flavor of its sought-after ingredients. Italian dessert wines like Reciotto, Riesling, and Verduzzo enrich this delicacy with raisins and add up with its unique fragrance of almonds.

Colomba DiVigna with a blend of Raisin Wines – 750g

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