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Colomba Classic a.D. 1552 – 750g


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  • The Classic Easter Colomba A.D. 1552 is the traditional italian Easter cake ,with a yellow, soft and well-alveolated dough, the result of 72 hours of patient craftsmanship. Its dough is rich in juicy candied Sicilian orange peel and natural vanilla Mananara from Madagascar. The surface is covered with a fragrant italian almond glaze , decorated with whole almonds and granulated sugar. The Classic Colomba is obtained by natural leavening from sourdough and the basic ingredients are all fresh : free-range eggs in Italy, milk, cream and mountain butter. A perfect combination of italian pastry tradition, craftsmanship and excellent ingredients evaluated and selected with extreme care, which make Loison Colomba a perfect sweet to be enjoyed at Easter.

    The choice of colors shipped is random.

    Weight: 750g

  • Top Line, Excellent Freshness.

    It is distinguished by the choice of fresh and valuable ingredients, selected with care and creativity, some of which belong to Slow Food presidia. 72 hours of patient leavening give life to high-quality products, characterised by the original combinations of exclusive and refined flavours.

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Loison’s Colomba Classic a.D. 1552 narrates a story of tradition and belonging. Our classic Colomba is baked from naturally leavened sourdough and enriched with succulent candied oranges from Sicily . Decoration is made of the sweetest almonds from Bari and Avola and white sugar sprinkles.

Colomba Classic a.D. 1552 – 750g
Colomba Classic a.D. 1552 – 750g

The Colomba comes in a beautiful tin box, a limited edition ideal for collecting and giving as gifts. This year’s Easter collection tin comes in two different colours. The choice of colours shipped is random.

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