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Mix of 4 Fruit and Meditation Biscuits (200 pcs per case)- 1250 g


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  • Pack of 200 individually wrapped assorted biscuits. 4 classic flavours: Pear, Lemon, Chamomile and Cheery Cinnamon. Small and unique delicacies prepared with traditional recipes and with excellent ingredients such as selected fresh butter, Williams pears, and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, Slow Food praesidium. Fragrant and rich in flavour, single-portion biscuits are an ecstasy of aromas and flavours that arouse multi-sensory sensations. Perfect when paired with a good fruit juice but flawless on any occasion, from breakfast to tea time.

    Weight: 1250g

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The package includes an assortment of 4 types of individually wrapped biscuits.

Mix of 4 Fruit and Meditation Biscuits (200 pcs per case)- 1250 g
Mix of 4 Fruit and Meditation Biscuits (200 pcs per case)- 1250 g

Each biscuit is packaged individually in a practical single portion with a transparent wrapping. The clean and communicative packaging allows you to immediately see and appreciate the content. The single-portion biscuits are perfect for a small break, ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, and offices and to offer a sweet treat to their guests and customers.

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