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Biscuit Licorice 200 pcs – 1250g – Monoportion


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  • Liquorice biscuits are small artisan delights prepared with excellent ingredients: fresh butter, powder, and pieces of Sybaris liquorice and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar. A biscuit with surprising sweetness and intensity, with aromas and flavours that arouse multi-sensory sensations

    Weight: 1250g

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The precious liquorice from Sibari, a city of Magna Graecia, brings with it the ancient flavours of the Mediterranean and makes this liquorice biscuit a unique experience. Its intense taste is perfect combined with herbal teas and infusions with fennel and ginger, releasing unique sensations on the palate.

Biscuit Licorice 200 pcs – 1250g – Monoportion
Biscuit Licorice 200 pcs – 1250g – Monoportion

Each biscuit is packaged individually in a practical single portion with a transparent wrapping. The clean and communicative packaging allows you to immediately see and appreciate the content. The single-portion biscuits are perfect for a small break, ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, and offices and to offer a sweet treat to their guests and customers.

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